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Why Join the AABC?

We are working with Government, Business and Public stakeholders to protect the future of the sport of Airsoft in British Columbia, and Canada. We are non-partisan, non-profit organization that seeks to continue our sports values of community, play and leadership through education and organization of the players all throughout Western Canada.

We are working for our sports future - by joining you are adding your voice to the chorus.

How much will it cost?

The first year of membership with the AABC will be free of charge - and we will determine at our first Annual General Meeting in Q1 2023 by vote of the membership if we will adopt membership fees. This will allow us to seek to provide many services including: Insurance, Legal Aid for Members, Organizing Provincial and Regional Games and Tournaments.

Will my information be shared?

No. Your information will never be shared with third party organizations or businesses. We maintain our members confidentiality in the strictest confidence. 

Join the AABC

  • AABC Membership

    Sign up yourself, friends and family for the AABC
    Valid for one year
    • Monthly Newsletters
    • Attendance at Annual General Meeting
    • BC Airsoft Resources, Schedules, etc.
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