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Behind the Scenes

The Airsoft Association of British Columbia was founded in 2021 to further the sport of airsoft throughout Western Canada, ensure players all across Canada have a voice in the future of our sport, and to educate the public about the safe and fun experience of Airsoft. 

The founding principles of our organization are Community, Safety, and Good Governance. Our Organization, Directors and Volunteers are here to serve the community, to ensure the safe appreciation of our sport, and give voice to our membership.


Without out players we are nothing - the sport of Airsoft exists because of the dedicated people who organize, play and build community. We exist to foster this building of our community.


The AABC works with the public to educate them about Airsoft, its benefits as a sport and how diverse and wide ranging our player base is.

We also work with players to educate them on safety and building community.,

Good Governance

The foundation of our organization is good governance - ensuring that all players have an equal voice in our organization as we well as the principles of Transparency, Freedom of Speech and Accountability are upheld throughout our organization.


Our Consitution outlines the purpose and values of our organization. A guiding document for the future of Airsoft in Western Canada

View the AABC's Constitution


Our Bylaws define how our non-profit society operates in terms of meetings, membership and directorship. This framework allows us to get to work, educating and serving the airsoft players in Western Canada

View the AABC's Bylaws
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